D.C. Rahe

D.C. Rahe is a screenwriter, author, journalist, presenter and instructor. He is best known for his screenplay writing. He is now teaching scriptwriting knowledge to groups and individual students who want to learn the art form. For those interested in learning scriptwriting, they should join DC in a live chat to discuss their interest. DC is only accepting new students committed to the process taught in his book, Screenwriting: The Hollywood Way.


D.C. Rahe is best known as a produced screenwriter. He has completed over ten screenplays, some were optioned and two were produced into motion pictures. He co-wrote the original screenplay for the Universal Studios movie JUSTICE. Here is the trailer of that film. Read the entire screenplay.


D.C. Rahe is the author of two non-fiction books.

Screenwriting: The Hollywood Way
This workbook is designed for novice writers, to get them started on writing their first screenplay.

Screenwriting: Inside The Process
This book provides the inside look on the screenplay writing process. It includes the original screenplay for the movie JUSTICE that was submitted to the producers, the book includes notes from the writer, character descriptions and an outline of the movie.

D.C. Rahe, created and launched AboutFace Magazine in 2010. He was the Editor-In-Chief and Managing Editor for over five years.

Download and Read AboutFace Magazine issue 19 of AboutFace Magazine.


D.C. Rahe is available as a public speaker and presenter. His twenty minute presentation covers his free e-book Writing Your Story. He begins by asking the audience “What’s your story?” He continues with the statement “Not all of us are writers, but we all can be better communicators.”

DC Rahe at The Portland Creative Conference