Getting A Movie Star

The fastest way to get your screenplay into production is having a famous actor attached to it. This is easy if you are related to, or a personal friend of the actor. Most people are not in this situation. To get a star attached, contact their production company. Most established actor’s have their own production companies where they developed their own screenplays into movies. The second way is through their agent.

Roadblockers and gatekeepers are key people in the movie making process. They are there to stop you from sending them a screenplay or contacting the star. Persistence is your path to success. Do you research who is the head of development? What’s their assistance’s name? Get to know what the actor wants? Put all this together with your plan to get them to take your phone call.

Getting noticed

The best way to get noticed as a writer are screenwriting contests. There are many to choice from. How to select the best one to enter:

  • Longevity – How many years has this contest been running?
  • Prestige – What do people think about this contest? Previous winners and losers.
  • Judges – Who is going to read your screenplay? Producers, agents, etc.
  • Prizes – Money and connections

The goal to enter one of these contests is not just the money, it’s the connections to those who will hire you. And to get an agent to represent you. One of the judge’s might option your screenplay, or just hire you to work on others screenplays.

You can skip the contests if you are already connected to a producer or studio who will buy your screenplay. This is a very small number of people.