Story Ideas

I am often asked…what story should I write? I answer the question with my own questions. Tell me about yourself. Where did you grow up? Where did you go to college? And so on. These questions can reveal your own stories. Your own life is a good place to start your search for stories. When searching for stories you must find one that has conflict.

Conflict is simple, when you have two characters you have conflict. Because each has their own agenda. For example, a boy and girl are alone together. He may want to watch TV, she may want to cuddle. That’s conflict. It is a simple conflict. The boy has his agenda, and the girl has her own agenda.

In traditional storytelling there are four types of conflicts:

  • Hero versus Villain, external struggle
  • Hero versus Nature, external struggle
  • Hero versus Society, external struggle
  • Hero versus Himself, internal struggle

Here are some story ideas: