Screenplay Writing Workshop For Novices

Welcome to the DC Rahe screenplay writing workshop for novice writers. The workshop is based on two of two books, Screenwriting: The Hollywood Way and Screenwriting: Inside The Process. The primary focus of this one-day 8 hour hands-on workshop is structure. It’s a boot camp of sorts. I will guide you through my method of screenplay writing. By the end of the day you should have a completed outline your screenplay. The class size is very limited.

I was the co-writer of the screenplay for the movie “Justice” and I wrote the original screenplay for “V-Force.” This seminar is my opportunity to share with you my method that speeds up the screenplay writing process.

Start simple! First I write the log line, which is only one sentence about the story. Second, I write the pitch, just one paragraph to describe in action words the story. Third, I write the synopsis, which is three to four paragraphs. The first paragraph is the story overview, the second is the first act, the third paragraph is the second act, and the last paragraph is the third act. After that, I outline the characters, then I outline the entire screenplay structure including plot points, sequences and scenes. Sign up for my workshop.

Workshop Timeline

Each section consists of a 15 minute lecture, followed by a 45 minute writing session. Anytime during the seminar, I am open to answer your questions on an individual or group basis. During the seminar I will meet with each participant to give them individual guidance.

On arrival be ready to work with paper and pen, no electronic devices.

8:30 AM Doors Open

9:00 AM Introductions and Overview

9:15 AM The Pitch

10:00 AM Break

10:15 AM Character Development

11:30 AM Structure (plot points, sequences, scenes)

12:30 PM Lunch (You’ll receive an order form for lunch)

1:30 PM Structure (continues)

3:30 PM Break

5:30 PM That’s a wrap!

I can stay late for those who want more time.

You can take breaks anytime you want during the writing session.